About Luminext

Luminext is a consulting firm that specialises in offering power and energy alternatives to contractors and the general public.

Luminext is sustainable energy

Business service provide

Luminext is sustainable energy business service provider that offers structures, designs, and consultation services to customers and architects concerning energy and power utilisation and sustainable buildings. Luminext works directly with several contractors and architects helping them design environment-friendly power and energy alternatives to their clients.

This age is becoming conscious of the residual effect of burning of carbon materials, and this is driving the need for sustainable fuel. Wind, nuclear, and solar technology and other forms of renewable energy source like tides and the heat from the decay and decomposition of the earth’s mantle would put carbon energy source out of the market as the cost imposed on CO2 emission increases.


Our company goal for prolonged success is to;

  • create a proven cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to help buildings and large institutions manage power and energy consumption
  • become a leading consultant in sustainable energy and environment management field.


To give the best sustainable energy and environmentally friendly solutions for new developments and existing structures, through cautious analysis and examination, attentive client support, and cost-effective measures.


Luminext offers a wide scope of environmentally-friendly energy and power solutions.


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Passive heating:.

Passive heating: This involves designing and construction of new structures to trap and use heat that is either created normally or as a side-effect of the structure. The design and strategic placement of heating vents and the strategic placement of the windows and building can create passive heating..


Greywater: This involves the trapping and utilisation of greywater. This water can also be called wastewater, it can no longer serve as portable water but can be used for land irrigation in agriculture and toilet flushing. Sources also include rainwater and faucets..

Sustainable energy

This service involves proposing to clients useful information about their preferred choice of renewable and sustainable energy. Any energy source where the production rate is higher than the consumption rate is called renewable energy, including photovoltaics, wind power, biomass, nuclear, hydropower, and solar energy

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Mass transportation

This service reduces the amount of energy consumed by people in the city while they commute daily. Introduction of activities that encourages people to commute using bicycles as a major means of transportation.

Why dry boat storage has become popular today

If you love boating, owning a boat has been one of your dreams since you were young. To fulfil your dreams, you have to make sure that you work hard to get the finances to buy a boat. While owning a boat is one thing, taking care of a boat is another.

Taking care of your boat involves many things that you may not have been prepared for, especially if you tend to be lazy when it comes to boat maintenance. Starting with regular washing of the boat, changing the oil, boat propeller and engine inspection, and other regular maintenance to selecting proper storage for your boat, all of these things are necessary and require hard work and diligence. They require you to be very keen and careful so that you can do them properly.

Take selecting boat storage as an example. Many people do not know the kind of storage they need and end up regretting their choices. This is why you have to be very keen to ensure that you do not make any mistakes. Today, dry boat storage has become very popular in many marinas. If you know a lot about boating, you might be aware of this and wondering if it’s the proper storage for your boat. This article will cover some of the things that make dry boat storage popular and the benefits it offers boat owners.

Why dry boat storage has become popular

One of the reasons why dry boat storage has become popular is the different size storage spaces inside. As a boat owner, you need to look at the amount of indoor space you need for your boat. Most of the regular boat storage caters to smaller boats and therefore would make it tough or downright impossible for larger boat owners to use. However, you do not have to worry about that with dry boat storages since they have different indoor spaces. This means that whether you have a small or a large boat, they can fit in any dry boat storage you select.

Also, storing a boat in dry boat storage ensures that you can access your boat at all times. This means that you don’t have to tow your boat long distances every time you want to sail. All you have to do is store your boat in dry boat storage and let the owners know when you want to sail so, they can open the doors for you. As a bonus, they’ll also inspect your boat before you arrive to ensure it’s safe to sail and ready to go. This is a convenient and highly popular route to go with your boat.

Advantages of dry boat storage

If you have never stored your boat on dry boat storage, you may wonder what makes them so special compared to regular boat storage. Some of the benefits of storing your boat in dry boat storage include:

  • Protection of your boat from the elements
  • Maximum security
  • Year-round access whenever you’re in the mood to sail
  • Extra space for boats that require repair or replacement
If you have never tried storing your boat in dry boat storage, you need to try it now that you have learnt about the benefits and what makes them popular today. Just make sure that you do your best in finding the right dry boat storage.

Why Should You Invest in Aluminum Street Outdoor Furniture?

Aluminum has plenty of benefits, yet many people take it for granted! But suppose you already own a piece of furniture or anything made from aluminum. In that case, you already know why many people are beginning to invest in furniture made from aluminum.

Here are some of the outright benefits you get when you invest in aluminum furniture:

  • Lightweight
  • Low density
  • Superior malleability
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • High strength
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • You can easily recycle aluminum furniture
Do you now believe what a precious metal we have in aluminum? I hope you do. If you are looking to install some outdoor furniture in your outdoor space or your backyard garden, no, you know aluminum furniture won’t disappoint. Let’s now see what we are getting if we invest in outdoor furniture made from aluminum material.

Durability and Versatility

Unlike other outdoor furniture made from different materials such as iron and steel, aluminum is rust-resistant. It will last for a long time before feeling the effects of weather elements. Other metals get easily damaged when exposed to moisture and salt. Aluminum material has absolute corrosion immunity. When you look closely into unfinished aluminum, it has a thin layer that does not oxidize. It is the same layer that protects the rest of aluminum hence cannot weather easily. So you do not have to worry about leaving your furniture outdoors from the first time you install it. Aluminum furniture can remain outdoors for the rest of the year and does not deteriorate in any way.

Versatility is an excellent property for aluminum furniture. If you stand in your house, chances are, you can see many things made from aluminum. The reason behind this is the versatility aluminum material has. You can smoothly extrude/cast into any design or shape. If you think you don’t need conventional furniture in your outdoor space, you can choose various custom designs and colours you choose for your area. It is perfect if you are looking to implement a specific theme for your patios or outdoor space.

Lightweight and Affordable

If you already have outdoor furniture made from steel or iron, you know entirely how heavy and cumbersome to move them around. If you are looking for something lightweight to lift and move around effortlessly, aluminum is the way to go. Sometimes we need to redecorate our outdoor furniture and space. You can move aluminum furniture from one location to the next hassle-free. When you want to move outdoor furniture to a more spacious area during evening parties, you can do that with little effort.

Price plays a crucial role when deciding to invest in outdoor furniture. I am telling you for free: aluminum furniture is never high-end compared to other materials. And even when you spend a fortune the first time, remember they are a permanent investment, and you are getting the worth of your bucks.

Aluminum furniture has quite a few benefits, what are you waiting for? If you are looking to invest in patio and outdoor furniture, invest in a material that will never disappoint. That is aluminum; it rarely disappoints. If you are worried about the price, don’t worry, they are relatively cheap, and will be worth every penny you spend on aluminum furniture. Check out Grillex – Street furniture Australia for quality aluminum furniture.

What you should keep in mind before buying brake controllers

If you frequently go on road trips with family in your recreational vehicles you may already have some idea regarding the sway of the trailer. Normally a vehicle would operate smoothly until and unless it is exposed to uneven roads and harsh weather conditions. This is also the time when the vehicle starts to sway. It could result in accidents which would lead to major destruction. This is why it is important to invest in brake controllers. If you are buying it for the first time you might not have an idea of what brake controller should you buy for your vehicle. Read on to see which things you need to keep in mind before you buy a new brake controller.

Tips from the experts

A Redarc brake controller works by sending power to a trailers braking system. When a driver applies the brakes in the vehicle the brake system sends an electronic impulse to the brakes in the trailers. It is integrated with the hydraulic lines of the towed vehicles brake systems.

If you own a lightweight trailer you might not need independent braking system. And if you are concerned about the safety of you and your loved ones during your rides it is better to go for one regardless of the size and weight of the trailer.

Different kind of redarc brake controllers

There are four kinds of brake control models which are easily available. These range from a mere dollar 50 to a few hundred dollars. For someone who is frequently on the go it is important to buy the brake controllers because they make a good return on investment.

Time delayed brake controllers
These are the least expensive kind of brake controllers and work by activating the trailer brakes with power. It is pretty easy to install a controller because it can be fitted at any angle. If you tow the vehicle occasionally or only for short distances this kind of controller would be the best option for you.

However there is a single drawback with this kind of brake system, it only amounts to a small power given to the braking system and might not be workable for larger vehicles. If you require a stronger braking action it might cause the vehicle to slow down and The limited power supply might not be useful in such situations. For a bigger trailer using these kind of brake controllers might result in the vehicle to Jackknife.

Inertia based brake controllers
On the other hand inertia based controller can easily adjust the braking power of the trailer because it can sense the movement of the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle starts slowing down it provides more power to the braking system in the trailer and is effective for stopping a heavy vehicle.

Hydraulic brake controllers
These are the most innovative kind of brake controllers and transfers pressure through the hydraulic line in the form of electric current with the help of mini computers. These are considered as the next generation and versatile controllers. However these tend to be quite expensive.

Importance of Regular Car Servicing

Being a car owner brings its set of responsibilities and regular car servicing tops the list. Becoming dependent on all the conveniences provided by your car also means to have it regularly serviced.

Car breakdowns and trouble while travelling are likely to happen when the car does not undergo regular car servicing. While regular car servicing does not guarantee a trouble-free car performance, the intensity of damage is drastically reduced.

It may seem a tedious process for car owners to have their cars regularly serviced. However, regular car servicing is the best way to avoid future expensive bills.

Safety at all times

Safety while on the road is one of the top benefits gained from having the car regularly serviced. Car neglect is one of the reasons, among other reasons, behind car accidents.

Serious accidents caused by worn-out windshield wipers, faulty steering, low level of fluids, and faulty brake systems could have been avoided by regular car servicing.

Having the car checked regularly ensures that everything should be working as it should.

Avoid car malfunctions

One of the familiar sights you see while travelling on the road is car owners standing on the side of a malfunctioning car. This scenario readily makes you see the importance of regular car servicing.

The smartest way to become like one of the car owners left defenceless on the road due to malfunctions is to have your car regularly checked and maintained. In addition to the inconvenience of a malfunctioning car is being saddled with unnecessary costs such as hiring a mechanic, towing services, and hiring a temporary car.

Bigger and more serious car headaches and expenses can be avoided when regular car servicing finds and fixes minor issues with it.

Optimum car performance

Overall car performance is optimised with the regular change of its oil and fluids. The immediate solution to any wear and tear in the car’s internal mechanics enables it to perform at peak levels at all times.

Getting the most of your car happens when it always provides you a smoother and responsive drive all the time.


The amount of fuel used by the car and its mileage is things that car owners seriously consider. Inefficient fuel levels shown by a car means it consumes more fuel. Having it regularly serviced allows regular change oil to make the car fuel-efficient; saving you gas money in the long run.


A car’s longevity is guaranteed when it is prevented from malfunctioning. A regularly serviced car not only performs at its peak; it also makes it stay fuel-efficient and in tip-top condition at all times. These factors ensure the longevity of your car.


One of the tremendous impacts on today’s environment is cars. The amount of CO and CO2 gases in the atmosphere increases every time you use your car. More harmful emissions are released by a car that is not regularly serviced. The pollution caused by a neglected car tremendously impacts the environment’s atmosphere every time it is used.

Peace of mind is the most important benefit gained by a car owner that has his/her car regularly serviced. Car repairs will be very seldom for a well-maintained vehicle. A car owner’s mind is eased every time he/she travels, knowing that the car will perform as it should.


Why Choose Stadium Seating in Australia

Stadium seating providers are many in Australia. Sometimes landing the right one when in need of the product might be a bit confusing. For many years, firms concerned with the services have competed to provide the best stadium seatings for their clients. From colleges, schools, and for community purposes, the providers have upped their designs and spent a considerable budgetary allocation in technology and marketing. Most of them have also worked hard to ensure that they deliver quality within the agreed time. Stadium Australia seating has been in this field for many years, having the necessary experience to provide stadium seating for any level of need.

Why Stadium Australia Seating?

Stadium Australia seating, like other companies, has invested heavily in technology to come up with the best stadium seating solution in Australia, putting the user comfort as their primary focus. For those who have attended a sporting event and experienced discomfort while sitting, and wish they had watched the game at the comfort of their homes via TV, then they should not imagine that the same experience is found everywhere,

Stadium Australia seating has its seating tested thoroughly to enable the user to be able to use them for long without feeling any discomfort. The following are some of the factors that make the provider tick:

Comfortable Stadium Seating Solution

As mentioned, comfort is the number one factor that’s considered when designing and making stadium seating. Stadium Australia seating have their seating solution undergo various testing to ensure that the user can be seated for long without injuring their back. The seating is set so that the back is held in a position that provides comfort for a long time period of time.

Long-Lasting Materials

Among the factors that stadium Australia seating is concerned about is durability. The seating solutions are tested and exposed to various destructive elements to find out how long they would last. The result being that the firm came up with a highly durable stadium seating solution. Durability is key since most of the stadium seating is stationed outside hence exposed to many destructive natural elements like snow, heat, and rain. If the material used is not sturdy enough to resist the elements, then they may not last for the desired time.


Stadium Australia seating solution has also come up with a highly adjustable and dynamic stadium seating solution. The seatings can be twisted or adjusted to a particular angle that feels comfortable for the user. They may be able to follow an event without needing to stand up.


Stadium Australia seating ensures that their products are affordable to everyone in need of them. They have pricing arrangements that make it affordable for anyone in need to afford their stadium seating solution. Some products are much cheaper, though the quality is never surrendered. One can enjoy the same feeling of comfort while paying a lower amount.

Timely delivery

After ordering a stadium seating solution from stadium Australia seating, they ensure that they deliver in time without disappointing their client. The firm can also work extra hard for quick service delivery and ensure that the occasion that had been planned for the service does not fail.

If in need of stadium seating services, you may wish to consider Interseat stadium seating Australia, bearing in mind the above points that make them stand above the other providers.

Aluminium UTE Canopy Manufacturers

Every aluminium UTE canopy manufacturer in Australia will tell you that fixing a UTE canopy is never an easy job. This tasks translates to spending a significant amount of cash. No matter the UTE manufacturer you decide to visit, you must be ready to spend.

However, the chunk of cash will depend on the type of UTE you have decided to install. There are three major types of UTE that manufacturers provide for the car owners. They are called canopy bases. They include a well-body or tub, a tray, and a chassis mount.

Most people are used to a chassis mount because of its stronger and spacious make. However, it is time-consuming when it comes to mounting and removing it. When you have fixed these three bases, it becomes easy for you to swap between them to your preferred one.

That does not mean that it is something you will want to be doing on your own; you will need some technical and mechanical skills. According to aluminium UTE canopy manufacturers in Australia, there are some factors you need to keep in mind before buying your UTE canopy. That’s what we will explore in this article.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right UTE Canopy Manufacturer

1. Cost

In Australia, we have multiple manufacturers of UTE canopies, which can end up confusing an individual, especially when they are in a hurry. One of the many factors to quickly spot is the cost. How much are they charging for fixing the bases? After comparing five companies, you can easily choose the one whose cost matches your pocket.

2. Quality of service

As usual, every UTE canopy manufacturer will advertise themselves as the best when it comes to delivering the service. However, that should not get you carried away. Ask for references from them to know how good their services are. After you have visited several car owners who have dealt with the manufacturer, you can know whether they are the best for you or not. Good aluminium ute canopy manufacturers will provide great services for you.

3. Reputation

What are the Australians saying about the manufacturer? Are they angry about his poor services and materials used? The image of the manufacturer before the people should tell you how good they are in their work. However, you should be ready to pay more for manufacturers with a good name because some will charge very high prices.

4. Experience

Mostly experience is reflected in their reputation. A reputable manufacturer typically shows that they are experienced in the field and offer quality services to their customers. A good aluminium UTE canopy manufacturer in Australia should have at least five years of experience. You should also know the experience of their mechanics and workers who are working on your vehicle.

5. Customer service

How are they treating you as the customer? This can easily be seen when you visit their premises or by calling or emailing them. If they are harsh on you and very unfriendly, they are the wrong manufacturers to work with. If they delay for a long time in replying to your emails, they are not good enough to work on your vehicle.

A good UTE canopy manufacturer is friendly and will respond to you promptly. This reflects how they will be doing when you need them in case of an emergency. You should not ignore their unfriendliness and delay.

The above are some of the critical factors you should consider when you want to buy or install a UTE canopy from any manufacturer in Australia.

The problems that GPS vehicle tracking in Australia solve everyday for companies

Most people in Australia see vehicles as the most critical assets people have in life. They think that the more vehicles people have, the more comfortable life becomes. Most companies work under so much pressure and stress to ensure that all their vehicles are in the safest hands. Most of them cannot do any other jobs, apart from managing their vehicles. Therefore this makes them be limited when it comes to other tasks.

Today, with the advancement of technology, GPS vehicle tracking has come to be of so much help to such people. Even those who have to manage company vehicles have an easier time managing so many vehicles that have been entrusted to them. This is because GPS vehicle tracking has come to solve, so many problems have been experienced in the past. In case you have not tried the GPS vehicle tracking yet, it is time that you use it in solving the following problems that you could be facing in vehicle management.

Time wastage

Time wastage is one of the issues that vehicle managers face every day when they are not using the GPS vehicle tracking system. The drivers want to waste so much time when they are sent to different locations. Some of them take so long when they are stopping to deliver some products and goods to the customers. When you have the GPS vehicle tracking system, it will be easier for you to monitor your drivers, and you will know the length of time that they have been taking in the different stopovers.  When your drivers take too long, you will be able to tell them to rectify on the time they take when they make stops to deliver or pick goods.

Identifying the routes that drivers take

When you are dispatching your drivers, there are routes that you give them to us. Some of them may not want to take the routes that you have given them for one reason or another. Therefore, when you have the GPS vehicle tracking, it will be very easy for you to track on the routes that your drivers have taken.

If you have not given your drivers the routes to use, it becomes very hard for you to know the routes that they are using. However, with the GPS vehicle tracking, you can easily identify which routes all your drivers have taken and where they are heading after every minute.

Inability to know the drivers that you can trust and those you cannot trust

When you have different drivers working for you or your company, it becomes tough for you to know the drivers that you can trust. This is because some of them will give the wrong information when you make inquiries from them about their trips. When you are using the GPS vehicle tracking, it becomes easier for you to know the drivers who are telling the truth, since you already have the information that you are asking for with you. This makes it easy for you to know the drivers that you can trust and those that are not to be trusted.

Misuse of funds

When you have vehicles, you have to use the money for fuel, maintaining your vehicle as well as insurance.  However, drivers may make you spend more money than you had planned. Fleet Complete’s GPS vehicle tracking system can help you save on the insurance costs while route optimisation helps in managing vehicle problems as well as cut down the fuel costs.

Perth caravan repairs: Tips for maintaining caravans

If you want to ensure that your caravan lasts for a lifetime, do maintain it on a regular basis. Whether yours is a modern or classic caravan, a few preventive measures would help ensure that it stays in first class condition.

Caravans are a major investment and is great for enjoying a good time with your family. However an amazing holiday home can be made to be even more wonderful when it is looked after the right way. The following are a few simple tips from Perth caravan repairs, for maintaining the caravans:

Maintaining the gas and electric fittings

All caravans are equipped with gas boilers which in turn are connected to the units’ Central heating system. The boiler should be maintained by having it cleaned at least once a year by a registered engineer. If there are any concerns regarding the heating system make sure that these are known. The same goes for maintaining the electric system as well. Do get it checked annually for your safety. Carrying out annual safety checks is the right way to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Cleaning the caravan

It is normal for the dust to accumulate on the caravan when it is not in use. However you can clean the outside of the caravan with the help of a pipe washer or a simple wet cloth or detergent. In order to clean the windows just use the readily available window cleaning solution. Make sure that the caravan is covered when not in use.

Check the plumbing

Usually people overlook the guttering system present in the caravan. Make sure that it isn’t clogged with any leaves or debris. Do remove all of it to ensure that the water can pass easily. Failure to do so might cause dampness in the caravans and make it smell musty.

Always be on the lookout for rusting

While the caravan is built from a durable and hard metal it is necessary to check for rusting in areas of fittings as it tends to get older. Always keep check on the fittings attached to the caravan. If you see any signs of rusting make sure that you call in Perth caravan repairs.

Other cleaning tips

A caravan is like a home on wheels. Just the way you ensure the cleanliness of your home it is important to thoroughly clean the interior of the caravans as well. This holds particular importance after every trip that you take. Make sure to vacuum the floor, clean the surfaces. Take a clean cloth and wipe of the benches and the cupboards and always clear the fridge after use.

Don’t forget to clean the nooks or crannies either. These areas can be difficult to reach it is always best to give it a complete and thorough cleaning. Letting the mess accumulate can make it difficult to get rid of the gunk altogether.

Turn to a reputable company that can help you with maintenance and caravan repairs in Perth.

Spray Painters Gold Coast

You might be wondering how much it costs to spray paint a surface and what is the difference between spray painting and roller painting. Spray painting can bring onboard a dramatic home improvement that every homeowner admires. The smooth finishes and a quality sheen left on the walls and objects sprayed are stunning. Spray painting knows no limit when it comes to painting, exterior walls, car painting, interior walls, iron sheets, wooden furniture, plastic household items, just to name a few. With spray paint, you can get around anything. Consider using spray painters when you want large areas covered without compromise to the quality of the painting. Roller painting does the job, but spray painting does it better and quicker.

Things to keep in mind before spray painting

  • Spray painting is not a DIY job; it takes a professional painter to give stunning painting outcomes.
  • You should consider hiring a spray painter even if you own tools necessary for spray painting exercise.
  • If you don’t own the spraying tools and materials, remember it can cost you some extra charge compared to roller and brush painting.
  • Overall, spray painting is more expensive because it consists of the use of power and expertise to give stunning results.
Remember, spray painting is not like roller and brush painting where you may sometimes consider DIYing your home painting project or household items or even your car. Things can go wrong easily for amateurs trying to paint using spray painting tools and materials. While spray painting, masking parts not to be painted is a must. Also, an expert spray painter will know how to minimise the use of paint to ensure that the paint that doesn’t adhere well to the walls does not go to waste. There are special precautions taken to minimise the use of paint an amateur DIYer might not be aware of.

So don’t be tempted to hire spray painting equipment thinking it is an easy job to DIY. You may DIY your spray painting project, but the results might be disappointing. It is equally important to hire a specialist and get the best painting results than DIY.

Spray painting is ideal for large painting projects for home or business premise improvement. Even if you want to give a new face to household items like cupboards, dining tables and more, you will never go wrong if you choose to spray paint. The good thing about spray painting is the little amount of time needed to dry and the shining effects it leaves on every surface, and it works with any colour.

Advantages of spray paint over brush and roller painting

  • No brush strokes like those of brush painting and no dimples like those of roller painting.
  • You can easily paint rough surfaces like concrete or brick walls because paint penetrates and covers the rough surfaces completely, which is a bit challenging while using brush and rollers.
  • It is possible to spray paint the roof and give it a new look complete with the right spray gun and the right roof paints.
  • Even if spray painting is a little costly over the brush and roller painting modes, it is simply worth it. There is no risk because paints dry faster compared to other methods and leave a shining effect on the surface despite the type of paint used.

Available types of Gold Coast electrical services

A lot of people in the Gold Coast think that an electrician can handle all kinds of electrical jobs. However, hiring a qualified electrician to handle any electrical job he is not experienced to do could cost more. How? The extra fees for the long hours spent on doing the work and the material cost could jack up the expense, that’s how.

With this said, it’s crucial to know and understand the available types of Gold Coast electrical services for you to choose right all the time.


Types of available Electrical Services


The type of electrical services dictates the kind of electrician needed to perform the task.

  • Domestic electricians are the right option to consider when the electrical job involves home projects or residential services. The popular electrical services performed by residential electricians for homes include:
  • Lighting design
  • Circuit breaker repairs
  • Switches
  • Renovations
  • Outlet repairs
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Hot tub and pool wiring repairs

  • Business electrical applications such as repair and maintenance of electrical types of equipment and appliances and custom lighting are best entrusted to commercial electricians. Their services include:
  • Electrical repair services and installation of construction projects
  • Workplace fit-outs and refurbishments services
  • New electrical services designs and installations for any commercial location
  • Repair, installation, and maintenance services of commercial electrical units

  • Factory and production settings need the experience and the certification of industrial electricians. This field of expertise makes them the best to have in repairing and maintaining the electrical systems of factories and plants. Their services include:
  • Installation and design of high-voltage machinery and boards in warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas
  • Regular maintenance and repair of control systems

Education and Experience Level of Electricians


The education and experience level of electricians also vary. Each experience and certification change as electrician levels up. The three educations and experience categories that electricians fall into include:

Apprentice electrician

Beginner electricians fall into the apprentice category. Their training is only starting with a journeyman’s license as their immediate goal. Being new to the field makes apprentice electricians work alongside supervisors. The supervisors are either master electricians or licensed journeymen.

Journeymen electrician

The term journeymen aptly describe these certified professionals that begin their journey as licensed electricians. They don’t need to be supervised while working on any electrical project. This next-level of electrical experience and education allows them to handle the varied applications of electrical power tools and machines while performing their tasks.

Master electrician

Master electricians are considered electrical jack-of-all-trade and masters. As a former journeyman, a master electrician has taken all the education and experience to get all the certifications in various areas of the electrical field. This long journey has entitled them to achieve their license as master electricians. Of all the categories, the top experience and training in handling all sorts of electrical applications rightfully belong to master electricians. Their certifications make the masters the best electrician to hire for any residential or commercial electrical projects.

Knowing and understanding the various Gold Coast electrical services, specialisations, expertise, and experience of the different electricians ensure getting the one you need and want. The electrical project tasked to the right electrician is the best way to get it done well and fast while staying within budget.







Office work desks

Have you ever been looking for an office desk? Searching for one of the more well-designed desk furniture for your office might not always turn out to be a quick, see, click, buy, type of situation. If you are needing a desk with sufficient work surface for your office, then looking around might help you find the best ones that give you the benefits you need. Now some office desks can really pull together a work area. They can be the true centre of any location in your office. Depending on what you are looking for then a quick search for office desks in Brisbane can offer a few good results but browsing through the options will have office furniture with extra features that will captivate you. Some of these features are grommet holes, storage drawers, management compartments for wires and lots of space for other important items.

Find an office desk that will give your office a modern twist

Now, most office desks available in Brisbane might be easily able to accommodate any office supplies such as computers and other office equipment necessary such as scanners or most importantly, printers. Therefore you will need to look for a desk that best suits the workload you are going to put on it. Some desk furniture might include designs for executives which feature a more professional design and structure which might appeal more to executive office users. If you are a fan of standing desks, then there are several good offers for high quality standing desks nowadays as well.

These desks are the perfect height for standing options, and if you are looking for ways to burn off those extra calories while at work. You can easily pair one of these office desks with other elements of office storage such as file cabinets, bookcases or other accessories necessary for your business which will, in turn, establish your working area. So if you are looking for an office desk in Brisbane, then you are definitely sure to locate desk furniture that will give your workspace a professional outlook while it keeps you organised.

Now if you are determined to find an office desk that will further exemplify your professionalism and will also radiate an elegance to all those who enter, then you are one step closer to finding your perfect suite. There are a few places in Brisbane that offer desks that are sophisticated as well as eye catching and most essential, they are functional. If so, then browse around the various selections and find your ideal office desk that will complement your working environment. Now whether you are looking for an office desk or other office furniture, then there are sure to be various collections in Brisbane that are sure to satisfy. No matter what you are shopping around for your home office area or your commercial office area, then you will be able to find awesome selections.

Reasons why a good office desk is essential

Many office workers often spend quite a lot of time using their office furniture, whether they are writing reports or using the computer.  If you have furniture that is high quality, then your productivity will be able to improve and help in most cases, this can help to reduce back problems and other potential workplace aches and pains.

You can decrease the amount of injuries, including back, shoulder and neck discomfort since the amount of time you often spend at an office desk can lead you to develop possible pains and aches.

To help with this, you can purchase a desk that is adjustable or ones that are professionally designed and used with computers.

Comfortable office desks will definitely help to configure workstations and contribute to a more comfortable environment for all employees.

Commercial fit-outs in Brisbane

The fit-outs are pieces of furniture equipment used to decorate or to be part of a building as fitments. They make houses suitable to be occupied by human beings. They are mostly used in residential homes or offices to make them comfortable for employees to work in or to be lived in.


Fitouts exist in two types which include type A and type B fit-outs

The type A fit-outs are the primary fit-outs on ceilings, windows or shelves. This is where the fittings and fixtures have not yet been used, for example, the partitions. Space can be used as it is but for comfort, promoting confidentiality or teamwork. This can be said to be the construction of a shell with not much done in it. The floor, walls, incomplete ceilings exist but lack systems like power sockets, lifts and the power distribution systems. In most of the times, type A fit-outs are done by the owner of the house and the type B fit-outs are done by the tenant because the different officeholders may not have the same preferences for their spaces.


Type B fit-outs are where all the final systems are fit into the unfinished room. At this stage, the holder has everything he may want to be installed into the room. These are the lighting systems, air-conditioning systems, audio and communication systems, security systems, kitchen and its various equipment, dining furniture,  and the meeting halls.

Type B fit-outs being the final stage of space improvements have their advantages.


They help to communicate better because when the network and other communication systems are installed, the staff can easily communicate with other workers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the organisation which improves the business performance and presents faster ways of doing things. Where teamwork is essential among the workers, then it is made possible by the use of advanced fit-outs where workers have a room where they can share ideas and improve their work as a group due to the collaboration. They may also be used to ensure that practice is private, especially where sensitive documents are to be stored. Their security can also be enhanced by the use of installed security systems where most advanced security systems capture voice and physical intrusions and may send to the concerned person even if out of the space like during his or the weekends.

The commercial fitouts help to improve the morale of the workers because it keeps them comfortable as they carry out their tasks. This helps to reduce exhaustion on the workers so they can do some more work for the same amount of time. This makes the workers also feel valued and appreciated by the employers so they may be retained at that organisation.


They also help to improve productivity. Where employees are happy And comfortable, they work better and harder, which is a benefit to the employer because it translates to increased output. The workers would not even feel overworked or undervalued. They are, therefore, motivated to work. The necessary fit-outs can solve factors like temperature, lighting, noise and insecurity, so they work better under the improved conditions. The supervisor would also have an easy time supervising his group of workers by the use of surveillance systems.


Clock systems can be installed to ensure that the workers sign themselves into the workplace without necessarily having to meet the supervisor to sign them in.


There are cases where the law may require individual institutions to have.

specific systems. This could be to ensure that people are safeguarded or feel comfortable. The institutions and organisations, therefore, have to comply with them to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong side of the law, which may consequently cause loss of time and money in times of legal matters. Such may be in schools, factories, hospitals or residential homes where authorities like the insurance firms may put regulations for the owners to comply with specific regulations. Otherwise, they may be denied certain privileges like loss of insurance compensation in case of damages caused by the absence of the security systems advised by insurance firms.


Therefore, fit-outs should not be seen as unimportant or wastage of business or personal finances because their benefits outweigh the funds used on them.







Choosing the best antifouling paint for your boat

Using quality antifouling Sydney paint to keep your boat’s hull free of marine growth is needed when you store your boat in Sydney waters for part of the year. Fuel costs are drastically reduced when your boat performs at its optimum level.

As a responsible boat owner, putting this preventative maintenance job on the top list is a must. Your boat will use more petrol and manoeuvrability and speed will be affected when the bottom is fouled. Making the boat efficient, fast and safe all the time is by keeping its hull clean.

Marine organisms such as algae, barnacles, slime, zebra mussels, and weeds are prevented from attaching to the hull with the help from antifouling paint.

 Painting the sterndrive or aluminium hull

The aluminium hull or outdrive of a boat will become damaged when galvanic corrosion happens when an antifouling paint containing cuprous oxide is applied. The best antifouling paint to use for aluminium hulls is ones that contain a compound of cuprous thiocyanate, non-metallic agent or zinc.

Using bright colours

White copper antifouling paint is the best choice when you want dazzling bottom paint. The blackest blacks, the brightest colours, and the whitest whites are produced by white copper antifouling paints.

Hauling over the winter and relaunching without having to repaint

The perfect solution for hauling over the winter and relaunching without having to repaint is to use an ablative copolymer antifouling paint. Working as a bar of soap, copolymer paints in their lifetime constantly release biocides that wash away all types of marine organisms.

This type of antifouling formulation continues to work effectively even in high-growth areas and after the season’s haul-out. Light sanding or scrubbing can reactivate the paint to make your boat ready for action during the spring season.

Boat owners living in northern climates can benefit from the time-saving factor provided by copolymer antifouling paints.

It is recommended to do the first application of two to three coats using the paint. Adding anti-slime additives to the paint is also recommended for areas that are prone to heavy fouling.

Frequent or infrequent boat use

An ablative paint is recommended for boats that are used frequently. Light growth is usually ablated by this type of antifouling paint, giving the hull a smoother finish over time.

Modified epoxy paint, on the other hand, will be the best choice to use on infrequently used boats. Using this kind of antifouling paint provides the boat with good antifouling benefits even when it is inactive.

High copper content antifouling paint provides the perfect solution for protecting the hull when the boat is kept in the water year-round. The leaching biocides formulation of the paint prevents growth even when the boat is always in contact with water.

Storing the boat when not in use

Multi-season protection is provided by copolymer antifouling paint for boats stored for an indefinite period. The trick is to apply extra coating thickness to make the paint work effectively for a long time.

Applying antifouling at a Sydney Marina can be a DIY project. However, the task is better left to the experts who know the best type of paint to use and the right way to apply the paint for your boat. We are happy to assist.

Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Rubbish is a collection of unwanted waste and other useless things that need to be dumped of our compounds and homes. In other words, they can be called garbage or trash. With you fully concentrated on keeping your indoors clean, outdoors can miss a bit of treatment because we don’t go there regularly. Neglecting backyards, for example, will mean dry leaves and other flying objects can settle there for a good number of days before getting your attention. A good thing is that nowadays there are companies that specialise in rubbish collection and it is upon you to pick up the phone and send them a quote or visit their websites for further engagement with them.

To-do list for your backyard cleaning

Backyards are important areas of our homestead. We can pull off great outdoor parties in there and sometimes just relax there to enjoy the outdoor breeze instead of staying confined in those rooms inside your house. Because your backyard is an important area of your home, it deserves attention from you, but if you don’t have time for things like cleaning, then you better hire rubbish removal agencies to get your rubbish disposition easy. You can schedule to do mowing on the grass every month and shape the live fences after every two weeks. This again might vary from people to people and compounds to compounds. The type of fence and the kind of trees that grow in your backyard grounds will determine how often you can do your compound.

Kitchen garbage and general house waste

In every home or kitchen, waste generation is inevitable; from food leftovers to plastic carriers we use to carry items to our homes from the stores. They all pile up and by the end of the day every day, you will have a significant amount of waste, let’s say fill the garbage bin. When this waste piles up for the whole week, it means a significant amount of waste is generated and far much you cannot manage to get rid of. Pick up the phone and call rubbish collection companies to assist you with the task. You need to take immediate action at the end of the week because this garbage continues to decompose while in the bins, thus emitting unpleasant smells that can ruin the environment around you.  It is time to clean up your backyard and let those parties and barbecuing continue non-stop, especially this festive season.

Regulations surrounding waste dumping

You might not know, but most of the dumping methods you would employ for your domestic waste are illegal. That is why it is no good idea doing it yourself. Let the licensed rubbish handlers do their thing and keep off from crossing legal boundaries that might lead to fines and troubles. In as far as laws and regulations in different countries differ, the fact remains that dumping in areas not designated for waste is illegal and can attract fines and penalties for being environmentally unfriendly.

Some of the red lines you should keep in mind while dumping organic or inorganic wastes are:

  • Do not dump in public or private land not licensed to receive waste
  • Dumping waste without permits into waterways or sewers is illegal
  • Block owners of undeveloped properties should not allow dumping in with acquiring a license to receive waste.
  • There are environmental laws that would put you in trouble if you are not careful while dumping your waste.
Get in touch with One Mans Rubbish Removals in Melbourne for timely and efficient collection of your garbage.

Stainless Steel Barbecue

Stainless steel is a phrase that is a little bit confusing or should I say it is a confusing phrase. Nothing special makes stainless steel any special; it isn’t the steel or stainless. Stainless steel can discolour, can rust and can lose the lustre appearance after over some time. There are different types of stainless steel, and this also applies to steel gas grills. Therefore, you now have a hint to consider while shopping for a stainless steel barbecue. Look at the grade, thickness, among other factors.

Factors to consider when buying stainless steel BBQ


There are two major grades of stainless steel; 304 and 430. The common grade of stainless steel is 304, which amounts to about 50 per cent of the total stainless steel in the world. This grade of stainless steel is used diversely from cars, kitchenware, buildings, etc. Grade 304 steel is non-magnetic with superior corrosion resistance. Some parts of the barbecue grill parts are made from grade 304, and other parts are made from 430, which is not as resistant as 304. When you want to check the grade of stainless steel start with putting the magnet on, and if the magnet sticks on to it, it is 430, and if it does not, it is 304. The quality of a BBQ is determined by the amount of 430 or 304 available in the gas grills. The one with most of 430 is of high quality than the one with more of 304. Some manufacturers mix the gas grill plates made from 430 and those from 304 so, make sure you test all the grill plates with the magnet to avoid disappointment later.


You probably do not need a pair of calibre to determine the thickness of stainless steel. By only looking at them, you can tell the one with thicker gas grills. The thicker metals are better than thinner ones, and they will not discolour quickly as the thinner ones do. It is possible to tell the thickness of the gas grill by their weight and the hardiness of the metal. You can press the middle of the metal grills, and if they are sturdy and not bent easily, then they are thick.

Stainless finish

The entry point of the rust is on the weak spots of your metal grills. If there are imperfections on the surfaces of your steel and that is where rust is going to start their mission from. Although stainless steel may be resistant to corrosion, it doesn’t mean they are immune, at one point in time they will bow to these problems. When you are testing the finish of the grills, make sure they have a clean finish and sheen. Better stainless steel finish should feel smooth when touched by hand while a poor one feels uneven.

Parts assembly

Stainless steel should be assembled properly to make the most out of the metal’s resistance to corrosion. Spot welding shouldn’t leave vulnerable parts of the joints which may lead to corrosion. It is better to use a continuous welding rather than spot welding. The best gas grills have continuous welding, so, that is what you should be looking for when it comes to parts assembly. This is an expensive process that is why you cannot find them on the lower end grills. Another option is to assemble them using nuts and bolts instead of welding.

Parkquip have a full stainless steel barbeque range. Get one and have fun grillig!




Melbourne Mini Diggers- The many benefits of using mini diggers

There has been a major shift in the demand of mini diggers. Since these are smaller and compact yet offer the same functionality as larger machines, these are popular with home owners as well. In fact if you are considering a do it yourself landscaping project, a mini excavator can actually come in quite handy.

One of the major advantages of using mini diggers in Melbourne, which even professionals have come to acknowledge is the use of multiple attachments it provides the user. Since this offers for a versatile functionality, it’s great for smaller areas or do it yourself projects.

If you are considering hiring a mini excavator for your next landscaping project, read on to see what additional benefits it has to offer:

  • These are pretty simple to use. In fact if someone is not a professional, they can handle the compact machine as well. Usually due to its smaller size it’s a great deal easier to use. In fact it just takes a matter of few minutes and you can carry out your work using a mini excavator. It allows for the same functionality as a bigger machine but in a much simpler manner.
  • When you compare a mini digger to full sized machines, maneuvering into tight spaces is a breeze with the former. In fact even the smallest of alleys can be dug up without a problem using this mini machines. Easy accessibility makes the mini diggers popular with both professionals as well as novices.
  • These make less noise when compared to the bigger machines. If you are living in a quiet neighborhood, using these mini machines would be easier for everyone living across the street. Plus you know your peace isn’t going to be disturbed with the loud noises which are typical of bigger excavators.
  • Also these allow for a little damage as possible. Since the machinery is lighter it may cause little or no damage to the surrounding structures. These prevent scraping on the surfaces which these are operated. So even if it’s being operated on a concrete floor, it won’t be leaving any track marks or damaging the floor.
  • Also transporting mini diggers is much easier when compared to transporting heavy duty equipment. Also the cost of moving bigger machines is a great deal more than you would normally pay for a smaller machine. The mini excavators can be easily placed in pickup trucks and deposited on the site whenever required.
  • These are just as functional as full sized excavators. Size is not the limiting factor when it comes to functionality. These to have the ability to swing at a 360 degree angle and perform a series of tasks which are typical of a bigger machine.
  • Last but not the least using a mini digger can actually help save you money. Since these are cheaper for hire then larger machines, you save hundreds of dollars. Plus you also save on the transportation.
Make sure you hire local mini diggers in Melbourne for your construction requirements.

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From a Self Storage Unit

It’s not a secret how your business can get spruced up, additional support from having its very own self-storage unit. A lot of times, without realizing, a self-storage unit gives a business the added support that it needs. To make it more obvious, here are 5 ways your business can benefit from a self-storage unit;

Decluttering your display

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a self storage burleigh heads unit specified, your display would always be cluttered with the influx of materials and products coming in. There would be no room to replace the materials and items you already have to make way for the new ones. It always puts a bad impression on the client or consumer if your place of business is messy or badly kept. Here, having an area for self-storage comes in really handy to keep it de-cluttered all the way!

Seasonal upkeep and renewal

You don’t want the new season to swoop in with full zest only to be left stranded with your old stock from last season, just because you don’t have anywhere to store it. Keep your stocks fresh and hip by storing your items from the last season in a self-storage unit only to bring back when it’s in style and the need demands it!

Additional stock

A lot of businesses suffer from the issue of only being able to have limited items in stock despite the huge demand for it. This is because they don’t have any place to store the additional stock so they have to make do with the display space they have available. Having a self storage unit in your arsenal to keep addition stock in will not only boost and generate additional sales but will also give you an edge over other businesses that only have limited items to offer!

Complete inventory

Having a self-storage unit for your business gives you the advantage of having a complete inventory of things the business owns. You can have an organized and full account of things in your possession and not worry about important documents or products getting misplaced during on-season rush.

Saving up on product replacement costs

A self-storage unit also aids the business owner economically as it helps save up on product replacement costs. Perhaps it’s Christmas season and your business needs a makeover! But does that mean you get rid of your current, still-very-relevant and in-fashion furniture or products? Not if you have a self-storage unit! Just put them in self-storage and wait till the season is over and then pop it right back out instead of wasting so much money on placing and replacing over and over again!

Tips for saving energy at home and at work

There are several ways we can save energy at home and our workplace. We doubt
anyone knows all these ways. We have compiled a list of tips you can use in your
everyday schedule to reduce your rate of consuming energy. Even if you decide to
make use of one or two of these simple ways, with time, it can bring about a huge,
positive change to our environment.

Ways to conserve energy both at home and at work

● · Open your curtains wide or close them

Closing or opening your shades or curtains can have a significant effect on your home's
energy consumption depending on the season. During winter, you can open your
curtains on the sunnier sides of your home to let in radiant heat. While in summer, you
can close them up during the daytime. Doing this will make your room cooler and
reduces the level of energy impact, as darker rooms will remain cooler. However, if you
are bothered about your houseplants, you can place them outside for the season!

● · Power down

If you're already in the habit of putting off office lights after your day at work, then that's
incredible. You can go further by unplugging chargers and other gadgets or devices that
won't be used over the night. Chargers still consume energy, even when not used. This

is true both at home and at work.
● · Dress for the weather – outdoors and indoors

You might have been told this several times while growing up: "Put on a sweater!" It
happens to be good advice. If you are in your home walking around and having a cold,
put on a sweater rather than increasing the heat. You can do the opposite to help
yourself cool, and you'll help yourself reduce your energy bill as well.

● · Keep air vents clear

Vents that are blocked indicate up to 25 percent additional energy is needed to circulate
air in a working area, as stated by Energy Star. Keep office supplies, files, and paper
away from air vents and have a more relaxing, safer and as well a greener workspace.
● Use cold water to wash laundry

If you use cold water to wash your clothes, they can get cleaner and might even last
longer. According to Consumer Reports, making use of cold water reduces energy
consumption and can save you $60 per year or more. Also, many of the detergents
used for laundry are made exclusively for cold water use. And certain stains (especially
blood or sweat, which are protein-based stains) should only be washed using cold

● · Acquire an energy audit

Most of the utility firms around do give free energy audits. They can ascertain energy
losses around your home and provide you with ways on how to reduce them like closing
up holed ductwork

● · Switch out light bulbs

Instead of making use of incandescent light bulbs, you can replace them with energy-
efficient bulbs, like LEDs. They are not only more energy-efficient, but they can also last
for a long time, for as long as 20 years. Just take a look at the enormous amounts of
dead bulbs you'll be leaving out of our dumping grounds, not to talk of the amount of
money you'll save on the electric bill.

Effective structure construction and development

This focuses on the utilisation of locally available building materials and their alternatives, so there would be a reduction in the energy consumed while transporting the materials. also encouraging the utilisation of used materials for construction reducing the energy consumed in making new building materials.
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