A lot of people in the Gold Coast think that an electrician can handle all kinds of electrical jobs. However, hiring a qualified electrician to handle any electrical job he is not experienced to do could cost more. How? The extra fees for the long hours spent on doing the work and the material cost could jack up the expense, that’s how.

With this said, it’s crucial to know and understand the available types of Gold Coast electrical services for you to choose right all the time.


Types of available Electrical Services


The type of electrical services dictates the kind of electrician needed to perform the task.

  • Domestic electricians are the right option to consider when the electrical job involves home projects or residential services. The popular electrical services performed by residential electricians for homes include:
  • Lighting design
  • Circuit breaker repairs
  • Switches
  • Renovations
  • Outlet repairs
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Hot tub and pool wiring repairs

  • Business electrical applications such as repair and maintenance of electrical types of equipment and appliances and custom lighting are best entrusted to commercial electricians. Their services include:
  • Electrical repair services and installation of construction projects
  • Workplace fit-outs and refurbishments services
  • New electrical services designs and installations for any commercial location
  • Repair, installation, and maintenance services of commercial electrical units

  • Factory and production settings need the experience and the certification of industrial electricians. This field of expertise makes them the best to have in repairing and maintaining the electrical systems of factories and plants. Their services include:
  • Installation and design of high-voltage machinery and boards in warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas
  • Regular maintenance and repair of control systems

Education and Experience Level of Electricians


The education and experience level of electricians also vary. Each experience and certification change as electrician levels up. The three educations and experience categories that electricians fall into include:

Apprentice electrician

Beginner electricians fall into the apprentice category. Their training is only starting with a journeyman’s license as their immediate goal. Being new to the field makes apprentice electricians work alongside supervisors. The supervisors are either master electricians or licensed journeymen.

Journeymen electrician

The term journeymen aptly describe these certified professionals that begin their journey as licensed electricians. They don’t need to be supervised while working on any electrical project. This next-level of electrical experience and education allows them to handle the varied applications of electrical power tools and machines while performing their tasks.

Master electrician

Master electricians are considered electrical jack-of-all-trade and masters. As a former journeyman, a master electrician has taken all the education and experience to get all the certifications in various areas of the electrical field. This long journey has entitled them to achieve their license as master electricians. Of all the categories, the top experience and training in handling all sorts of electrical applications rightfully belong to master electricians. Their certifications make the masters the best electrician to hire for any residential or commercial electrical projects.

Knowing and understanding the various Gold Coast electrical services, specialisations, expertise, and experience of the different electricians ensure getting the one you need and want. The electrical project tasked to the right electrician is the best way to get it done well and fast while staying within budget.