If you want to ensure that your caravan lasts for a lifetime, do maintain it on a regular basis. Whether yours is a modern or classic caravan, a few preventive measures would help ensure that it stays in first class condition.

Caravans are a major investment and is great for enjoying a good time with your family. However an amazing holiday home can be made to be even more wonderful when it is looked after the right way. The following are a few simple tips from Perth caravan repairs, for maintaining the caravans:

Maintaining the gas and electric fittings

All caravans are equipped with gas boilers which in turn are connected to the units’ Central heating system. The boiler should be maintained by having it cleaned at least once a year by a registered engineer. If there are any concerns regarding the heating system make sure that these are known. The same goes for maintaining the electric system as well. Do get it checked annually for your safety. Carrying out annual safety checks is the right way to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Cleaning the caravan

It is normal for the dust to accumulate on the caravan when it is not in use. However you can clean the outside of the caravan with the help of a pipe washer or a simple wet cloth or detergent. In order to clean the windows just use the readily available window cleaning solution. Make sure that the caravan is covered when not in use.

Check the plumbing

Usually people overlook the guttering system present in the caravan. Make sure that it isn’t clogged with any leaves or debris. Do remove all of it to ensure that the water can pass easily. Failure to do so might cause dampness in the caravans and make it smell musty.

Always be on the lookout for rusting

While the caravan is built from a durable and hard metal it is necessary to check for rusting in areas of fittings as it tends to get older. Always keep check on the fittings attached to the caravan. If you see any signs of rusting make sure that you call in Perth caravan repairs.

Other cleaning tips

A caravan is like a home on wheels. Just the way you ensure the cleanliness of your home it is important to thoroughly clean the interior of the caravans as well. This holds particular importance after every trip that you take. Make sure to vacuum the floor, clean the surfaces. Take a clean cloth and wipe of the benches and the cupboards and always clear the fridge after use.

Don’t forget to clean the nooks or crannies either. These areas can be difficult to reach it is always best to give it a complete and thorough cleaning. Letting the mess accumulate can make it difficult to get rid of the gunk altogether.

Turn to a reputable company that can help you with maintenance and caravan repairs in Perth.