You might be wondering how much it costs to spray paint a surface and what is the difference between spray painting and roller painting. Spray painting can bring onboard a dramatic home improvement that every homeowner admires. The smooth finishes and a quality sheen left on the walls and objects sprayed are stunning. Spray painting knows no limit when it comes to painting, exterior walls, car painting, interior walls, iron sheets, wooden furniture, plastic household items, just to name a few. With spray paint, you can get around anything. Consider using spray painters when you want large areas covered without compromise to the quality of the painting. Roller painting does the job, but spray painting does it better and quicker.

Things to keep in mind before spray painting

  • Spray painting is not a DIY job; it takes a professional painter to give stunning painting outcomes.
  • You should consider hiring a spray painter even if you own tools necessary for spray painting exercise.
  • If you don’t own the spraying tools and materials, remember it can cost you some extra charge compared to roller and brush painting.
  • Overall, spray painting is more expensive because it consists of the use of power and expertise to give stunning results.
Remember, spray painting is not like roller and brush painting where you may sometimes consider DIYing your home painting project or household items or even your car. Things can go wrong easily for amateurs trying to paint using spray painting tools and materials. While spray painting, masking parts not to be painted is a must. Also, an expert spray painter will know how to minimise the use of paint to ensure that the paint that doesn’t adhere well to the walls does not go to waste. There are special precautions taken to minimise the use of paint an amateur DIYer might not be aware of.

So don’t be tempted to hire spray painting equipment thinking it is an easy job to DIY. You may DIY your spray painting project, but the results might be disappointing. It is equally important to hire a specialist and get the best painting results than DIY.

Spray painting is ideal for large painting projects for home or business premise improvement. Even if you want to give a new face to household items like cupboards, dining tables and more, you will never go wrong if you choose to spray paint. The good thing about spray painting is the little amount of time needed to dry and the shining effects it leaves on every surface, and it works with any colour.

Advantages of spray paint over brush and roller painting

  • No brush strokes like those of brush painting and no dimples like those of roller painting.
  • You can easily paint rough surfaces like concrete or brick walls because paint penetrates and covers the rough surfaces completely, which is a bit challenging while using brush and rollers.
  • It is possible to spray paint the roof and give it a new look complete with the right spray gun and the right roof paints.
  • Even if spray painting is a little costly over the brush and roller painting modes, it is simply worth it. There is no risk because paints dry faster compared to other methods and leave a shining effect on the surface despite the type of paint used.