There are several ways we can save energy at home and our workplace. We doubt
anyone knows all these ways. We have compiled a list of tips you can use in your
everyday schedule to reduce your rate of consuming energy. Even if you decide to
make use of one or two of these simple ways, with time, it can bring about a huge,
positive change to our environment.

Ways to conserve energy both at home and at work

● · Open your curtains wide or close them

Closing or opening your shades or curtains can have a significant effect on your home's
energy consumption depending on the season. During winter, you can open your
curtains on the sunnier sides of your home to let in radiant heat. While in summer, you
can close them up during the daytime. Doing this will make your room cooler and
reduces the level of energy impact, as darker rooms will remain cooler. However, if you
are bothered about your houseplants, you can place them outside for the season!

● · Power down

If you're already in the habit of putting off office lights after your day at work, then that's
incredible. You can go further by unplugging chargers and other gadgets or devices that
won't be used over the night. Chargers still consume energy, even when not used. This

is true both at home and at work.
● · Dress for the weather – outdoors and indoors

You might have been told this several times while growing up: "Put on a sweater!" It
happens to be good advice. If you are in your home walking around and having a cold,
put on a sweater rather than increasing the heat. You can do the opposite to help
yourself cool, and you'll help yourself reduce your energy bill as well.

● · Keep air vents clear

Vents that are blocked indicate up to 25 percent additional energy is needed to circulate
air in a working area, as stated by Energy Star. Keep office supplies, files, and paper
away from air vents and have a more relaxing, safer and as well a greener workspace.
● Use cold water to wash laundry

If you use cold water to wash your clothes, they can get cleaner and might even last
longer. According to Consumer Reports, making use of cold water reduces energy
consumption and can save you $60 per year or more. Also, many of the detergents
used for laundry are made exclusively for cold water use. And certain stains (especially
blood or sweat, which are protein-based stains) should only be washed using cold

● · Acquire an energy audit

Most of the utility firms around do give free energy audits. They can ascertain energy
losses around your home and provide you with ways on how to reduce them like closing
up holed ductwork

● · Switch out light bulbs

Instead of making use of incandescent light bulbs, you can replace them with energy-
efficient bulbs, like LEDs. They are not only more energy-efficient, but they can also last
for a long time, for as long as 20 years. Just take a look at the enormous amounts of
dead bulbs you'll be leaving out of our dumping grounds, not to talk of the amount of
money you'll save on the electric bill.