If you frequently go on road trips with family in your recreational vehicles you may already have some idea regarding the sway of the trailer. Normally a vehicle would operate smoothly until and unless it is exposed to uneven roads and harsh weather conditions. This is also the time when the vehicle starts to sway. It could result in accidents which would lead to major destruction. This is why it is important to invest in brake controllers. If you are buying it for the first time you might not have an idea of what brake controller should you buy for your vehicle. Read on to see which things you need to keep in mind before you buy a new brake controller.

Tips from the experts

A Redarc brake controller works by sending power to a trailers braking system. When a driver applies the brakes in the vehicle the brake system sends an electronic impulse to the brakes in the trailers. It is integrated with the hydraulic lines of the towed vehicles brake systems.

If you own a lightweight trailer you might not need independent braking system. And if you are concerned about the safety of you and your loved ones during your rides it is better to go for one regardless of the size and weight of the trailer.

Different kind of redarc brake controllers

There are four kinds of brake control models which are easily available. These range from a mere dollar 50 to a few hundred dollars. For someone who is frequently on the go it is important to buy the brake controllers because they make a good return on investment.

Time delayed brake controllers
These are the least expensive kind of brake controllers and work by activating the trailer brakes with power. It is pretty easy to install a controller because it can be fitted at any angle. If you tow the vehicle occasionally or only for short distances this kind of controller would be the best option for you.

However there is a single drawback with this kind of brake system, it only amounts to a small power given to the braking system and might not be workable for larger vehicles. If you require a stronger braking action it might cause the vehicle to slow down and The limited power supply might not be useful in such situations. For a bigger trailer using these kind of brake controllers might result in the vehicle to Jackknife.

Inertia based brake controllers
On the other hand inertia based controller can easily adjust the braking power of the trailer because it can sense the movement of the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle starts slowing down it provides more power to the braking system in the trailer and is effective for stopping a heavy vehicle.

Hydraulic brake controllers
These are the most innovative kind of brake controllers and transfers pressure through the hydraulic line in the form of electric current with the help of mini computers. These are considered as the next generation and versatile controllers. However these tend to be quite expensive.