Importance of energy conservation

It is said that the resources of the earth are more than enough to satisfy man’s needs but unfortunately, is never enough to satisfy man’s greed. This is an adage which speaks of man’s selfishness and irresponsibility, thinking that everything in this world can always be acquired or obtained without limits. Repentance or regret comes at last, and the realisation that everything is temporary is too late.

People, especially the youth and children, should be more than educated of conserving energy not only today but for the future. Lessons on protecting the environment and being a responsible citizen should and must not only be heard but applied in real-life situations. To better understand this issue, consider the following reasons why energy conservation is so important:

Solar energy may not be reliable and manageable in the future

The release of toxic and harmful gases into the atmosphere, including carbon emissions or CFCs, has led to the destruction of the ozone layer. This layer acts as a shield against ultraviolet rays from the sun. The heat coming from it may be harmful and dangerous to human skin, and the worst case scenario is when solar energy becomes extreme, thereby breaking or destroying solar panels that contribute to the acquisition of power or electricity in some parts of the world. There may be other options to prevent blackouts or power interruptions, but they too are on the verge of losing or depleting in the coming years.

Freshwater reservoirs are in imminent danger

Both man-made and natural disasters add up to the destruction of Mother Nature, and when this happens, not only buildings and properties are destroyed but also watersheds and reservoirs. Likewise, the cutting of trees on tropical and subtropical rainforests becomes the culprit when rivers and dams supplying drinking water and other household utilities, decreases its water levels and dry up, especially during the summer months. Moreover, hydroelectric power plants can no longer fully function or operate when there is a low volume of water because turbines can no longer rotate and generate enough power to produce mechanical to electrical energy.

Prices of basic needs or commodities go up when there is an energy crisis

The price of fuel or gasoline fluctuates in the world market and therefore affects sectors like transportation, electrical and water utilities, including the food production and manufacturing business sector. When fuel prices skyrocket, fare for public transportation also goes up, along with and together with higher prices in our water and electrical consumption bills. Moreover, the price of basic needs is also affected, especially because of inflation and when there is a low supply and high demand economic scenario.

There are only three reasons mentioned in this article, but they are crucial enough to answer why there is an immediate need for energy conservation. It’s not yet too late; thus, let us do our share of the advocacy, more than our individual accountability for the future.